Goodnature Natural Lure
– the ULTIMATE Secret to Success

The Natural, Toxin-free Lure Efficiently Draws Rodents to the E2.

  • When developing poison baits, one has to draw the rodent to the bait, which must also be highly palatable to ensure the rodent consumes a lethal amount of the toxin. By contrast the E2 only needs to draw the rodents to the Shroud Chamber, where they brush against the Leaf360 Trigger™ and are eliminated.
  • No toxins are used and the rodents do not eat the lure, it simply draws them to the E2. Whilst we cannot reveal the recipe in our Rodent Lures, they have undergone intensive scientific evaluation to ensure maximum pulling power by focusing on the attractive olfactory notes that are most desired by rats and mice. This is the real secret to success.
  • Our advanced chemistry then ensures the Lure is slowly released in the right concentration for prolonged periods of time - approximately six months. As the trap needs minimum servicing, ongoing costs are curtailed.
  • The E2 was originally designed for use in wilderness conservation projects, where the traps are spaced at intervals of 50 - 100 m.
  • With the E2 in the urban environment, we recommend trap placement at 10 m intervals for mice and 20 – 30 m intervals for rats.

Multiple rodents killed in one night.

In a research trial established to target rats only, a mouse (Mus musculus) demonstrates the power of the Natural Rodent Lure by gaining entry to a test unit configured to stop mouse entry!

Watch the power of the Natural Rodent Lure

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