How it Works

Ensystex's E2 Trap reliably and humanely kills the rodent, and then automatically resets itself, ready for the next invader.

The E2 is powered by a Gold-standard CO2 Canister, within which the pressure ranges from 1,500 - 13,000 kPa, depending upon the ambient temperature. When the Canister is attached, the gas passes through a Regulator which restricts the pressure released into the E2 to about 500 kPa.

Inside the E2 the precision designed internal pressure reservoirs are equilibrated at 500 kPa. The pressure behind the Piston Diaphragm forces it shut, closing off the Piston Bore.

The Natural Rodent Lure is mounted above the Shroud Chamber. The lure draws the rodents in to investigate. When the rodent's head is positioned correctly in the Shroud Chamber, it brushes aside the sensitive Leaf360 Trigger™, (set at a pressure of just 20 g).

This opens the Vent Valve, venting the gas from the Vent Reservoir and from behind the Piston Diaphragm to atmospheric. The higher pressure in the Piston Reservoir then explodes out into the Piston Bore, driving the glass reinforced polymer Piston out into the Shroud Chamber, with a force of 30 Kg, instantly killing the rat or mouse. The Piston holds in place for 0.25 seconds before releasing the rodent.

Now that the internal pressure has been released, the CO2 Canister releases more CO2, and the Piston Diaphragm once more closes off the Piston Bore. A small spring draws the Piston back into the firing position.

The E2 is now armed and ready to kill the next pest rodent.

Cross section of the Ensystex E2.

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Digital Strike Counter

Electronic Strike Data Recording

If you need to know how many times the E2 Humane Trap has been triggered, we have an optional Digital Strike Counter. Packed into a tiny enclosure, the Strike Counter slides onto the CO2 Canister and spends most of its day asleep. It is sparked into action only when the trap is fired off. Since it sleeps so much, you should get five years between battery changes, even if you check it weekly!

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